DXP for consumer marketing

Successful CPG brands create strong, meaningful connections with their consumers. Learn how a digital experience platform (DXP) like CUE can help build your brand beyond products.

Tell your story, grow your business​

Immersive storytelling and a strong digital brand presence are key success factors for CPG companies today.

CUE is a DXP for consumer marketing that helps build rich digital experiences and paves the way for brand growth in the omnichannel space.

Strengthen consumer engagement​

Make your brand the consumer's number one choice with rich digital experiences and brand content.

Grow your brand in every channel​

Strengthen your presence across the digital landscape and turn every touchpoint into a brand engagement driver.

Maintain brand consistency​

Strong brands speak in one voice. Ensure a consistent brand image across channels, markets, and geographies.

Omnichannel marketing for consumer brands​

Connect products, content, and channels in a single platform to tell your brand story and deliver premium digital experiences.

As a DXP, CUE brings the core capabilities of a diverse marketing technology stack into one platform and empowers you to build strong connections with your consumers across all digital touchpoints.

omnichannel marketing for consumer brands
creative multichannel storytelling

Creative multichannel storytelling​

Create rich digital content that sparks brand engagement and drives product sales.

  • Create and launch compelling digital content in a matter of minutes
  • Extend your reach to new audiences across multiple digital channels
  • Engage consumers with channel- and device-native content
CUE Content Hub UI

Your one-stop marketing hub​​

Go omnichannel in one smooth flow. CUE seamlessly connects data, products, content, and touchpoints in one hub.

  • Create and deliver content for online, e-commerce, social media, mobile, email, and more
  • Manage campaigns end-to-end, from initial brief to final Instagram post
  • Serve and manage product content to own D2C channels as well as partner e-commerce sites
Optimize, localize and personalize

Optimize, localize, personalize​

Create content once and render it into multiple variants for campaign optimization and content personalization.

  • Ensure effectiveness of messaging and offers via multi-variant testing
  • Localize e-commerce content and campaigns according to regions and languages
  • Serve consumers with personalized content based on their preferences

See how CUE can power your brand success​

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Easy collaboration, full transparency​

Enable large, distributed marketing teams to work together as one, while speeding up time-to-market of your marketing communications.

CUE facilitates full transparency and easy collaboration. With its streamlined workflows and project management features, CUE breaks down organizational silos and drives efficiency.

Boost your retail

Connecting PIM, DAM, and CMS​

Enjoy the benefits of reduced complexity and increased operational efficiency.

As a DXP for consumer marketing, CUE unifies product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), and content management (CMS) in one platform.

icon break down the silos
Break down silos​

Centralized repository for data, assets, and content

icon always to date
Always up-to-date​

Automated, real-time synchronization of data and assets

icon always right
Always right​

Ensure quality and consistency across data, assets, and content

icon manage change with ease
Manage change with ease​

Stay on top of dynamic product life cycles

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