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April 21, 2022 – 2 min. read

Sophi and Stibo DX
Imagine how much more high-quality content journalists could create if automation and AI really took off in newsrooms around the world.  That’s exactly what Stibo DX is working to offer customers in the CUE publishing platform.

CUE has taken hold among publishers worldwide due in no small part to its extensibility. The platform that allows users to choose best-of-breed services that can solve various problems, from automatic categorization to promotion of content. Now, we’re offering the most impactful extension for CUE yet, with the help of  

Since the beginning 2021, and Stibo DX have worked together closely, paving the way for next-level AI in CUE newsrooms. The goal is to automate and optimize as many user journeys as possible while improving the quality of workflows, editorial production, and ultimately revenue. 

Proofreading, fact-checking, and story enrichment by suggesting relevant assets are some of the many AI-driven technologies already available on the market. But the newest aspect of AI is services that optimize the promotion and distribution of content to generate the most revenue. Studies have made clear that even when human judgement is data-based, AI-driven publishing is far faster, cheaper, and more precise.  

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One of the core elements of the editorial process in most newsrooms is curating what content hits the front page on apps and websites. Publishers want to generate relevant traffic and make it easy for users to find relevant content. Even more important, they want to promote content that converts visitors to subscribers or retains existing subscribers.  

Within CUE, we want to be able to rely on to curate section fronts. When a story is published, it will be part of the pool of content evaluated by to be promoted on the section fronts. And in the future, through services, CUE users will be able to automictically promote online stories through social media.

Along with algorithms that can predict what content will generate the most revenue, CUE will soon make use of an algorithm that adjusts companies’ paywall strategies based on content performance and potential. 

Sophi’s AI focuses on the most important things first, supported by a system that understands journalists’ effort, the value of news, and both audience and newsroom expectations. Together, Stibo DX’s CUE and understand content in remarkable ways. 

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