Quality journalism with CUE: Styria Media Group rely on the complete solution from Stibo DX

September 02, 2021 – 3 min. read

Styria media group logo
Styria Media Group is now powered by CUE. As one of the three largest media companies in Austria, it’s a vital step in digitizing the international media group. Now, one centralized system will be used to manage all content for their daily newspapers, Die Presse and Kleine Zeitung. 

Markus Mair, Styria Media Group CEO, says they chose CUE because it frees up time for editors to focus on the journalism, eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks.

 “It will be easier to create articles and more efficient to manage and plan content. The CUE editor is designed to be user-friendly for this purpose."

 Styria Media Group says it’s not just about reaching audiences, its focused on providing unique and quality content. The linchpin of CUE is the ability to generate platform-specific articles from a central UX editor. CUE combines researching, writing and editing of content for multichannel publishing across all platforms (print, web, app, social media, etc.). 

“The CUE technology offers seamlessly integrated modules and supports our change towards story first,” says CTO Bernhard Kiener. 

Along with CUE Publishing Platform, the digital asset management system, CUE DAM, will also make its way into Styria Media Group’s newsrooms. As a media company Styria needs products that are closely aligned with the needs of its industry. 

"We are convinced that CUE is a good all-in-one solution to support the quality journalism of our group of companies and to simplify the daily processes," says Mair. 

The Styria Media Group has grown steadily since its foundation in 1869 and has several million daily readers a day. The company has roughly 3,000 employees in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. In addition to Die Presse and Kleine Zeitung, numerous other media brands, digital marketplaces, book publishers, printers, radio and online media as well as agencies and IT providers belong to the broadly diversified portfolio.