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Frequently Asked Questions

In the sections below you can find frequently asked questions for our different support areas CUE Documentation, CUE Highways and CUE Global Support.

CUE Documentation

We are planning an upgrade. Where can I find the correct versions of third-party software?

See Verified Third-party Software and select the version you are interested in.

Where can I find information on the CUE Storyline editor?

This information is available in the CUE User Guide. In this guide, there are sections on digital and print storylines.

Note: the CUE User Guide begins with the Rhodium release.

Are the CUE Print MAN technical pages still on another website?

No, the MAN pages are included in the Documentation portal and are full-text searchable. See CUE Print MAN Pages. Be sure to select the version you are interested in.

Where can I find information that gives an overview of the lifecycle of a specific CUE release?

See Product Lifecycle and select the version you are interested in.

How do I find technical information on how to extend CUE?

The Documentation site supports full-text search so one option is to type a search word or phrase. Hover your cursor in the search bar for tips to narrow a search.

There is a section on extending CUE in the Technical Guides: Extending CUE. Be sure to select the relevant version.

CUE Highways

How do I make a new story and add assets?

This Highway exercise will get you started: Regular News Story

How do I write a text and style it?

This Guide exercise will give you a solid overview: Writing Experience

How do I work with multiple publications?

Get a good overview of the functionality with this Guide exercise: Element Inheritance - Sharing Across Storylines

How do I work with various photo formats?

Formats, workflow and involved roles are illustrated here in this Guide exercise: Working with Photos

How do I work with wires from CUE DAM?

Most common routines are shown in this Guide exercise: CUE DAM: Working with Wires

How do I work with FreeDesign in relation to Magazine production?

Key features and routines are exercised in this Highway: FreeDesign: Print Magazine Story

CUE Global Support

I need to escalate a ticket, but I cannot set P0 priority.

Call Support or talk to your CSM. To understand more about priority visit How-to: Understand Priority

I need to provide logs, but I do not know which ones.

Visit How-to: use Logs, your best friends for a better understanding

I need to provide a password to the support engineer, but not in clear text. What should I do?

Use One-Time Secret. Visit How-to: share passwords with Support

Support asked me to take a thread dump, but I have no idea how to do it.

Visit How to create thread dumps for a better understanding

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