CUE Print Automation

In challenging times finding efficiency in production and maximising income is essential. Automation plays a pivotal role in keeping print profitable.

Business value of CUE Print Automation

Automating print in CUE means increased efficiency in a crucial revenue stream. Swiftly adapting to last-minute advertisements, current news updates, or changes in section layouts, is still possible since the automation features are fully and seamlessly integrated into your existing CUE media enterprise platform. 

Built-in, not just integrated

As a native add-on module for your CUE Print solution, CUE Print Automation adds speed without your newsroom staff having to tackle yet another technology in their daily routines.

It reduces cost and saves your design team hours of manual work without compromising the design rules that make your brand the high-quality product your customers expect. 

Cost savings

Significantly speed up designing and organizing print pages.

Fully predictable

Rule based automation algorithms builds on top of well-proven flexible designs.

High-quality design

Existing shapes extended with the capability to automatic adapt. 

Faster product innovation

Custom editions and special sections efficiently scaled.

Print Automation native to CUE

For decades, CUE Print has been the preferred print production tool for hundreds of newsrooms across the globe. Working efficiently with assets, shapes, templates, pages and editions comes naturally to CUE, and now built-in automation adds an extra level of efficiency to help CUE customers stay profitable in print. 

The CUE Print workflows are already designed to cater to the automatic layout of your print product. The rule set includes everything from reshaping, scaling headlines, and resizing photos to copy-fitting, all well-defined and adhering to the brand’s design guidelines and quality expectations.

CUE Print Automation opens up opportunities to broaden your portfolio of products and test new formats. Perhaps these new products are even purely digital e-papers? Based on algorithms and templates, with adaptable layouts, content will be placed according to category and priority.

The layouts of placed articles are automatically adapted to make the content fit based on a rule set defined by you, and the placement of page furniture, ads or manually placed stories is respected by the algorithm. 

The Print Automation workflow in CUE

How it works

Implementing CUE Print Automation in your newsroom

1. Calculate your ROI on automation for print production

Stibo DX offers a Service Package to help you assess the potential for savings. This way you can start implementing print automation with a clear plan for what your organization wants to achieve. Contact Stibo DX sales for more information. 

2. Centralize and standardize print production templates

The library of templates in your print workflow has most likely grown to a significant size over decades. Consolidating and standardizing print production templates is a key activity in order to prepare for automation.

3. Define design rules pages for automation

With your templates consolidated, you can now define how content is to be auto-placed on pages. Priority and placement metadata is defined and auto-adapt rules are selected on individual product levels.

4. Roll-out and optimization

CUE Print Automation solution works with our CUE Designer and CUE Flatplanner this means the roll-out can start small and scale rapidly. All auto-placed elements can be altered after the automation runs, and new or refined rules can be added continuously.

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