Charting a responsible course in AI for news media: Stibo DX's guiding principles on AI

August 17, 2023 – 3 min. read

AI is offering new and exciting opportunities for the entire media industry. We are seeing our customers embrace and experiment with AI services to drive innovation, increase productivity and solve critical problems in their business models: Driving higher efficiency, journalistic brainstorming, minority catering, optimized reader experience and much more.

At the same time, our customers are having understandable concerns about the power of the technology and the lack of practical experience we all have with it, potentially putting in danger the most important currency of news media: The trust of the audience.

This is not surprising to anyone, as the task of ensuring the right guardrails for the responsible use of AI is still underway by governments, making the use and development of AI solutions feel like the wild west.

While to Stibo DX, the wave of AI tools comes as a natural continuation of the automation features which have been the core of our CUE solutions since its inception, we take neither the risks nor possibilities of AI lightly. Therefore, it is our priority to approach AI implementations with a clear understanding of both its value and the ethical considerations involved. Merely because something is technically feasible does not necessarily mean it is valuable or aligned with journalistic or even production-efficiency principles.

Introducing the guiding principles of AI in CUE

As a part of our development of AI solutions within CUE, we have built a framework of 5 guiding principles, which we refer to for all AI we bring to life in CUE.    

The 5 guiding principles for AI innovations in CUE are:

  • Everyone in the newsroom will use some form of AI in the near future.
  • Prompt engineering is becoming a new skill that not everyone in the newsroom will be able to master.
  • AI applications in the newsroom start with a human and end with a human.
  • Trust is the most important currency for media brands amongst infinitely generated and generic content noise. 
  • We believe the benefits and gains of AI redistributed to labor should result in a better quality of the product, rather than quantity.

The guiding principles are created and verified with our AI Advisory Board, who tests and evaluates the prototypes made by our team on AI solutions. Members of the advisory board include Editors-in-Chief, IT Managers, Systems Editors and Data Scientists from a wide range of Stibo DX customers and they are helping us be diligent in evaluating what is possible against what is truly valuable.  

While these 5 principles are guiding, ultimately, we know that these are only the beginning, and we will have to build on them as both the technology and regulatory conditions evolve within the field of AI.  

We look to this with excitement, as it gives us the opportunity to partner even more closely with our customers as we continue the AI journey together. Something that already now has resulted in exciting, new innovations which we look forward to soon release as part of CUE.  

If you are interested in more information about the Stibo DX AI Advisory Board, please reach out to SVP Marketing, Kim Svendsen,   

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