2021 CUE Days speaker visual

A User Conference for the CUE Community

Mark your calendars for October 5th-7th! Stibo DX’s yearly user conference, CUE Days, is back. We will meet virtually again this year due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions, and we are making sure you get the same online experience as you would in person.

CUE Days is a user conference for media and technology professionals. You get to hear how media brands from all over the world are utilizing the same technology as you. You’ll also get to learn about all of Stibo DX’s latest product updates and plans for the future.

Companies at CUE Days 2021

CUE Days 2021 agenda

2021 CUE Days agenda visual - Tuesday
2021 CUE Days agenda visual
2021 CUE Days agenda visual

Our CUE Days speakers

2021 CUE Days Christoph Rüth

Christoph Rüth, Funke

Accelerating Growth of FUNKE’s Regional News Business

Christoph Rüth, Group Managing Director Regional Media and Digital FUNKE Mediengruppe: Last year FUNKE doubled the number of its digital subscribers and recorded over 1 billion visits across all news websites. We see a great potential for digital subscriptions mainly driven by user centricity and strong content. However, there are still too many user groups who do not feel addressed by our online offerings. In order to understand exactly which topics are driving response and subscriptions in each local market, we need to break down the boundaries between journalism, data and tech. CUE can be an enabler on this mission.

NOZ Patrick Koerting

Patrick Körting, NOZ Digital

How text-to-speech is revolutionizing the publishing world

Patrick Körting, Head of Audio at NOZ Digital: Newspapers and publishers produce thousands of pieces of written content every day. How would the media industry change if all that content could be made audible automatically? Could it transform daily newspapers into the new radio? It’s a look at how TTS technology could transform the media world and possibly create a new media genre.

CUE Days 2021 Ezra Eeman photo

Ezra Eeman, Mediahuis

Digital growth strategy at Mediahuis

Ezra Eeman, Change Director at Mediahuis: International multimedia company Mediahuis believes building a digital company starts with putting the consumer at the center. That's why it adopted CUE as one centralized system to support its newsrooms. Mediahuis Change Director, Ezra Eeman will highlight why the company chose CUE and how it is helping create quality journalism in Mediahuis newsrooms. Eeman will also share how the company is building long-term relationships with readers.

2021 CUE Days Gordon Edall visual

Gordon Edall, Sophi.io

Sophi.io unlocks next level automation on CUE platform

Gordon Edall, Vice President: Sophi.io is a platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning developed by The Globe and Mail that is designed to enable automation, prediction and yield optimization at scale for the world’s publishers. Now with native integration within CUE, Sophi is able to bring its cutting edge technology and capabilities available to all CUE users including the ability autonomously curate all of digital content and optimize your websites and mobile applications. Sophi and CUE together will also bring smarter and more actionable analytics and insight to publishers to enable decision-making for newsrooms and content publishers looking to maximize the value of their content. Learn how Sophi can make your life easier while increasing revenue and keeping you steps ahead of your competition.

Neil Mara, Fellow at RJI Institute

Neil Mara, RJI Institute

Endangered But Not Too Late: The State of Digital News Preservation

Neil Mara, Fellow at RJI Institute: As the news industry transitions to digital, some parts of the news content stream are being lost. Neil Mara, news-tech consultant and fellow at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, summarizes new research on the state of digital news preservation. The findings are based on more than 100 interviews with 40 news organizations and memory institutions. Mara also explores recommendations to address the threat to the public record of communities journalists cover.

Edward McCain photo

Edward McCain, JDNA

Endangered But Not Too Late: The State of Digital News Preservation

Edward McCain, Digital Curator of Journalism leads the Journalism Digital News Archive (JDNA); a strategic change agenda addressing issues surrounding access and preservation of born-digital news collections. McCain’s position is a joint effort between the University of Missouri Libraries and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. He works with faculty and staff at the Missouri School of Journalism and the journalism industry, building a framework of linked programs and functions designed to support and enhance digital news archives.

2021 Matthias Holzapfel CUE Days visual

Matthias Holzapfel, IPPEN.MEDIA

How IPPEN.MEDIA improves their content using CUE storylines

Matthias Holzapfel, Product Owner – newsroom transformation: At IPPEN.MEDIA we use CUE's storyline concept to push publishing for our IPPEN.MEDIA to a new level and offer our readers more value. We think of valuable journalistic content also in terms of flexible building blocks, which are highly dynamic, expandable and reusable. Building blocks that encourage our creativity and support our development. Always with our readers in mind. This is what we implement technically with the storylines in CUE - and how we support our authors.

2021 Dan Korsgaard cue days visual

Dan Korsgaard, Stibo DX

Stibo DX keynote

Dan Korsgaard, CEO: In a year that is still highly affected by the pandemic, we are proud to see how extraordinary teamwork between colleagues and customers has exceeded all expectations. Stibo DX and the suite of CUE solutions now stand on an even stronger foundation. Dan Korsgaard’s opening keynote will elaborate on how Stibo DX is helping customers accelerate their digital transformation and how Stibo DX is maturing and innovating the CUE platform while constantly growing the CUE community with more leading international publishing companies.

2021 Mark van de Kamp CUE Days visual

Mark van de Kamp, Stibo DX

CUE Today and Tomorrow

Mark van de Kamp, Chief Innovation Officer: With CUE at the heart of a growing number of media businesses, Stibo DX is committed to improving and innovating our solutions. In his session, Stibo DX's CIO Mark Van de Kamp, will share the company's product vision. He's examining what CUE can offer publishers and media brands today, and Stibo DX's upcoming releases and its next generation of products.

2021 Fred Wilson CUE Days visual

Fred Wilson, Stibo DX

Content Sharing in CUE

Fred Wilson, Solution Advisor: CUE Storylines allows seamless sharing of content between digital and print channels. Fred Wilson with Stibo DX will showcase the flexibility of CUE, focusing on efficient content sharing between channels, brands, and titles. Fred has been with Stibo DX for nearly 20 years, but his background is in journalism. He says the success of journalism is what fuels his interest in the CUE publishing platform.

2021 Hans Skaaland CUE Days visual

Hans Olav Skaaland, Stibo DX

Containers, Storylines, Auto-publishing

Hans Olav Skaaland from the Stibo DX UX department will take you on a quick tour of some of the features in CUE boosting creative freedom for content creators as well as efficiencies in daily production.

Bo Dalsgaard, CUE Days 2021 speaker

Bo Dalsgaard, Stibo DX

Highways – a fast way to learn and talk CUE

Bo Dalsgaard, Product Owner Highways: With technology at hand offering tons of opportunities, Highways is a starting point with concrete user journeys and setups identified and required in most newsrooms. This is what we demo, this is what we test, this is our out-of-the-box in every internal and external system installation – basically putting everyone on the same page. Bo has been with Stibo DX for more than 20 years with focus on implementing our software at various media houses around the world.

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