CUE Enables Storytellers to be Extraordinary. Let’s Help Keep Them Safe as Well.

February 06, 2023 – 2 min. read

In January Stibo DX donated 3000 euros to the international organization, Free Press Unlimited. The donation is a thank you to all customers who participated in our User Experience Research.

In mid-2022 Stibo DX decided to be a corporate sponsor of Free Press Unlimited and designed a framework to do so in relation to our user experience research. 

The partnership is an ongoing effort, as we recognize that helping us develop our solutions takes time out of the participant’s calendar. And time is a limited resource in the news industry. So, while our customers help us create a better product for the future, we want to give back to the journalism community as a recognition of their effort.  

Executive Vice President in Product, Mads Jørgensen, Stibo DX, sees great potential in this model:  

“Every time our customers share their insights about our platform, we dedicate a donation to Free Press Unlimited. This provides an extra incentive for our customers to use their valuable time helping improve the UX of the system they use intensively every single day”, he says and adds: 

“It is a privilege to serve journalists daily with our solutions, also when they report from hotspots all around the world. Our platform enables storytellers to be extraordinary. But it does not contribute to the safety of our shared community. Hopefully, this initiative will. UX research is continuously ongoing – so of course, our donations will be so too”.  

When a customer participates in a UX interview, or an online survey questionnaire is completed, we donate to Free Press Unlimited.  

Stibo DX chose Free Press Unlimited because of the admirable work they do around the world. The organization is working to promote a free press worldwide, as they train journalists, supply emergency legal support, and much more.  

“We chose Free Press Unlimited because they align very well with our company values. At Stibo DX we are in it for the long run, and above all, we care about our customers. The CUE users are journalists from some of the most influential news publishers across the globe and sometimes they must take risks to be able to serve democracy and public interest. If we can help support their safety and freedom to report while doing so, that is pretty much a no-brainer for us as a company, “says Kim Svendsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Stibo DX. 

The first donation of 3000€ includes the work and time spent with 15 of our customers. This includes CUE users from all around the world.  

Do you want to help us donate more to Free Press Unlimited? Sign up for our user experience research through this link (