CUE Journal 2020

July 07, 2020 – 15 min. read

2020 CUE Journal, Amedia, McClatchy
Explore the 2020 CUE Journal and read digital transformation stories from The Economist, McClatchy, Amedia, and more.

CUE Journal is the yearly magazine that gathers the best CUE case stories and inspiring trend articles from our customers and the world of Stibo DX.

In this year's edition, you can read about the digital transformation trend among German publishers, a case story about how CUE's scalability is being used at the American media company McClatchy, and much more.

You can also have a look into the world of Stibo DX. Learn about our rebranding from CCI to Stibo DX, read about Digital Collections' entry into the CUE family, and get insights into the everyday life at Stibo DX.

If you're reading the journal on your phone, slide/swipe the pages rather than use the arrows — otherwise, you might miss some good stories.