Quality journalism is the engine driving growth at Die Presse

October 06, 2021 – 1 min. read

Daily Austrian newspaper, Die Presse has seen a very positive development in the number of its digital and print subscribers since implementing a detailed growth strategy. CUE will play an important role in pursuing the strategic path. The company is implementing the CUE CMS from Stibo DX to support Die Presse's digitization and evolving technical infrastructure. 

Managing Director Herwig Langanger says the publisher's focus is quality journalism. That simple linchpin has provided a foundation for exponential digital growth and monetizing it.

Die Presse saw a 241% surge in average monthly conversions with the release of its new digital product, according to The International News Media Association (INMA).  

For its B2C strategy, the company prioritizes print and high-quality journalism, including niche magazines for the high-end market. When it comes to its B2B approach, Die Presse has strengthened its advertising and events portfolio and continues to develop new creative digital services relevant for businesses. 

Herwig Langanger introduces the company’s growth journey in the short video below: