Stibo DX employees empower immigrant women in joining the Danish tech Industry through mentorship

June 28, 2023 – 3 min. read

Stibo DX, alongside sister-company Stibo Systems, has joined forces with Redi School of Digital Integration to support immigrant women entering the Danish labor market and foster diversity in the tech industry. The partnership involves Stibo DX employees volunteering as mentors in RediSchool's 3-month mentorship program, providing guidance and support to help bridge the cultural knowledge gap for foreigners seeking careers in the Danish tech industry.

Redi School, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing female tech talent, alongside the mentorship program, offers free 12-week IT courses aimed at strengthening digital skills and promoting inclusion in Danish workplaces and society.

For Stibo DX employee Holger Nielsen, the mentorship program helped him finally find a volunteer program where he felt he made a difference.

"I had been waiting for a long time to do some kind of volunteer work and feel like I could contribute with something" Nielsen explained. And even though he was nervous at first about the value of mentoring he could bring to the table, his experience in the program convinced him, that he got a lot to offer:

“I have realized that I can help despite being unsure if I could provide anything. The conversations ended up being a lot about discussing the job market in general. I helped prepare my mentee for what salary levels she could expect what the work life in IT is like, and what my mentee should prepare for before her interviews. So, I shared my experiences, and apparently, it helped, so it made a difference - or at least that's what she says - and that's nice.”

The program provided by Stibo DX gave him the platform to make a positive impact and support immigrant women in their professional journeys. A platform that he otherwise would have had to dedicate his spare time to research and sign up for. But with the initiative being in a corporate setup, it was easy for him and others to join and trust the quality of the program from the beginning.

The mentorship program holds personal significance for Stibo DX employees with an immigrant background. Benjamin Singer empathizes with the challenges faced by immigrants in entering the Danish job market, as he originally relocated from Hungary himself. Reflecting on his own experiences with this, Singer stated, "I felt frustrated, I felt lonely, I felt it wasn't going well and I was doubting myself - which I rarely do." Being able to fast-track someone's success and provide them with the guidance he wished he had received has been a gratifying experience that he would not have been without.

Lisette, a mentee from Estonia who secured a job during the program with the support of Benjamin, also expressed her appreciation for the mentorship program.

"My mentor gave me the confidence to believe that you can get whatever you want. You just need the steps on how to do it and the insights into what not to do," Lisette shared.

Bringing volunteer work to the corporate environment has enabled Stibo DX and Stibo Systems’ employees to contribute their skills and experiences. Engaging in mentoring has additionally equipped employees with coaching and knowledge transfer skills, which can prove invaluable when onboarding new colleagues in the future. Furthermore, participating in a corporate initiative has motivated employees like Benjamin Singer to do volunteer work, as he acknowledges he may not have discovered the opportunity otherwise.

The mentorship program, supported by Redi School's comprehensive tools and guidance, has made the role of mentor accessible even to those new to volunteering. Singer affirmed:

"Redi School is very good at giving you a framework and references you can use; therefore, it is beginner-friendly volunteer work. So, I believe that it is great, and I would recommend it to a coworker."

The same goes for Holger Nielsen, who just like Benjamin Singer, would also gladly continue to contribute to the program in future seasons alongside other Stibo DX employees.