Mediahuis goes reader-first with CUE as the main publishing platform

August 23, 2021 – 3 min. read

Peter Soetens, CDO of Mediahuis
Another leading international multimedia company is relying on CUE Publishing Platform. Mediahuis is driving its digital transformation with Stibo Dx’s innovative CMS. The company is using CUE as one centralized system to manage their websites and news apps. Mediahuis says CUE was its first choice to fit its growing digital and technological needs. 

Mediahuis CDO, Peter Soetens, believes building a digital company starts with putting the consumer at the center of the business.

"The Media industry has been product-driven for ages, but now we are delivering a service instead of a product. And the service starts with the consumers' needs. We are looking forward to bringing our digital and multichannel publishing to another level with CUE."

CUE will support Mediahuis' newsrooms to present their quality journalism in a more engaging way and build long-term relationships with their readers. The flexibility of the platform sets new standards for multichannel publishing. Journalists can easily publish content on all relevant channels and gain maximum creative freedom.

Leading European multimedia company

Mediahius was founded in 2014 as a Belgian publisher and has transformed into an international multimedia company. It now operates in four countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Ireland. The group manages a diversified portfolio of more than 30 news organizations, which include digital platforms and marketplaces. Today, well-known media brands like De Standaard, NRC Handelsblad, De Telegraaf, Irish Independent, the Belfast Telegraph, and Luxemburger Wort are part of Mediahuis and reach more than 10 million readers every day.  

Mediahuis stands for independent journalism and diversity in voices. Since many of its brands are focusing on local news, the company has offices and journalists in all its local communities. But with Mediahuis now also being an international company, global competition has of course transcended the local level and empowered digital transformation.

Strategy: focusing on engagement

In today’s growing digital marketplace, Mediahius says its prioritizing engagement over circulation. The company is moving towards a "reader-first" approach and believes developing long-term relationships with customers goes hand and hand with increasing digital subscriptions.

Mediahuis CIO, Koen Vandaele says CUE will help the company transform its workflow and digital presence.

"Today we are attracting new subscribers with our content. Newsrooms are working closely with marketing people - attracting new users, bringing them to the funnel, and converting them to subscribers.”

Reinventing storytelling with CUE

CUE is a multichannel and headless CMS that sets new standards for digital storytelling. Designed to deliver maximum creative freedom, CUE is already helping publishers around the world create compelling content and connect with new audiences.