Asia’s Leading Media Organization SPH Media Limited Trust Signs on with CUE

December 09, 2021 – 3 min. read

Singapore Press Holdings Media logo

Compelling content should be backed by trusted technology. SPH Media Limited Trust chose CUE as the content management system that will continue propelling them through the digital age. The Singaporean media conglomerate has hundreds of journalists working for its print and digital publications which are published in four different languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.  

CUE streamlines workflows, so that journalists can work with one simple interface which easily integrates print and digital publishing. Warren Fernandez, the editor-in-chief of The Straits Times and the English/Malay/Tamil Media Group of SPH,  says they chose CUE because it met their needs in the push to be a digital-first operation.

“Having our journalists focus on content and not worry about the backend systems being able to communicate with each other, will improve efficiency and quality, resulting a better experience for our audiences,” says Fernandez.  

Lee Huay Leng editor and chief of the Chinese Media Group at SPH, says the publisher invested in the CUE publishing platform because of its setup and functionality. “It allows for a seamless transition from digital to print, and its user-friendly interface and various features meet the diverse needs of our newsrooms which work on different languages and publish both online and offline.”   

Because CUE makes publishing easy across several different digital platforms, Lee and Fernandez say the storytelling capabilities offered by the CMS will help attract younger readers because they consume much of their content on digital devices. “CUE will help us better integrate video, audio and social content, which are a big part of the diet of our younger audiences,” says Fernandez.  

The CUE Publishing Platform also simplifies publishing in some Asian languages. For Chinese, text can go from left to right or in its traditional form, it is read vertically right to left. Lee says, “We need the CUE system to cater to this flexibility in handling the Chinese text, which is especially important when we do layout.”

“We trust that Stibo DX in its constant upgrade of the CUE system, will be in tune to the fast-changing media consumption needs,” Lee says.  

SPH publishes the flagship English-language daily The Straits Times, which dates back to 1845, as well as the biggest Chinese-language dailies, Lianhe Zaoboa and Lianhe Wanbao. Multiple SPH publications are circulated beyond the borders of Singapore.