Le Groupe Sud Ouest accelerates digital transformation with CUE

July 05, 2019 – 3 min. read

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This article was originally published in 2019

The CUE publishing platform will power Sud Ouest’s content across a wide range of channels, from online and mobile to e-papers and print.

With its five paid daily newspapers, a total circulation of nearly 300,000 copies per day, a daily audience of more than 2.2 million readers, and 130 million page views per month, Le Groupe Sud Ouest is one of France’s biggest regional media companies.

Le Groupe Sud Ouest has chosen CUE as its future publishing platform to further accelerate the digital transformation process which the group initiated in 2016.

"The choice of this new system is a strong and concrete marker of Le Groupe Sud Ouest’s digital transformation," says Patrick Venries, Chairman of the Management Board. “It will accelerate the effective implementation of the process of creating and publishing digital-first content, and support the added value of content produced by our newsrooms in all our media."

CUE launch in 2021

As results of its digital transformation, Le Groupe Sud Ouest not only seeks to create greater efficiency in its newsrooms, but also aims to further increase reader engagement and revenue from its digital channels.

Dan Korsgaard, CEO of Stibo DX

Dan Korsgaard, CEO of Stibo DX

Dan Korsgaard, CEO of Stibo DX, says about the new agreement with Le Groupe Sud Ouest: “Our CUE platform is designed specifically to enable media companies such as Le Groupe Sud Ouest to create compelling content and engage their audiences across a wide range of channels, from traditional print to online and mobile to any new channels of the future. We look forward to supporting Le Groupe Sud Ouest in their efforts to become a digital-first media company.”

Following an installation process including user training, Le Groupe Sud Ouest aims to have CUE deployed to all its editorial teams in beginning of 2021.

About Le Groupe Sud Ouest

Based in Bordeaux, Le Groupe Sud Ouest is one of the largest regional media groups in France. The company publishes five paid daily newspapers, four magazines, and several specialty publications. In addition, the group operates two local TV stations and has an extensive online presence with dedicated websites for most of its publications.

With its newspapers and TV stations, Le Group Sud Ouest reaches a daily audience of nearly 3 million people. The group’s websites have a total of nearly 35 million visits and 130 million page views per month.