The first title now live on the Mediahuis CUE Platform

April 19, 2023 – 1 min. read

Last week the very first Mediahuis title went live on the enterprise CUE solution.

It was the French-language news brand that had the honor of being the first using the platform. The go-live with CUE included the digital news site and a new app.

The launch is a milestone for Mediahuis, as they have chosen CUE as an enterprise CMS solution, meaning that all Mediahuis titles will be onboarded to the platform in the future so that all content creation will run through CUE.  

With CUE, Mediahuis aims to achieve its ambition of a future-proof editorial CMS that supports mobile-first creation, is data-informed, and is AI-enabled. With that, they will continue to be able to deliver the highest quality of journalism and the best possible user experience for all their audiences.

In order to keep up with the global digitization of news, Mediahuis established a multiyear digital transformation plan. One of the most important aspects of the plan is to keep customers at the center of the work that the company produces. Furthermore, Mediahuis wants to ensure it is offering the best mobile and audio experience, working in the most efficient way in its newsrooms, and maintaining a successful print model in a growing digital world.

Mediahuis believes CUE is at the heart of its digital transformation, as they move toward a more consolidated landscape with common standards and best practices across Mediahuis’ 30+ brands. Going live in Luxembourg will serve as a blueprint for the future launches of CUE within the media group.