CUE Digital: automated e-paper publishing

Create e-papers automatically and customize your app with a few clicks. CUE Digital merges efficient and creative content production with an engaging end-user experience.

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The CUE Digital solution is a seamlessly integrated add-on to the CUE Publishing Platform that enables full automation of e-papers and replica products. Publish an e-paper to our sleek web-reader, iOS, Android, or your preferred digital platform. We also provide a flexible and customizable app framework for easy production of native mobile apps.

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Automated digital export

CUE Digital e-paper solution

Ever heard of the three-click-rule? With CUE Digital, we decided on no clicks. As soon as your printed newspaper is ready, your e-paper is also automatically created and exported with no manpower or external vendor needed. You can even set up automatic stitching of extra pages from other products for the e-paper.

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