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Live blogging that increases your traffic and engagement with audiences.

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CUE's add-on live blogging tool allows you to live blog any event from your mobile or desktop device. Whether you are covering a football game or breaking news about a developing story, you can reach audiences with updates at speeds measured in milliseconds.

Amplify your content with social media engagement and real-time reader interactions. CUE Live is a blogging tool created for speed and high performance. The perfect tool for real-time reporting from anywhere in the world.

Scalable and reliable

CUE Live delivers rapid speed and rock-solid stability.

Unlimited scalability

There is no limit to the amount of blog entries or visitors. Blog away.

powerful AI tools
SEO optimization

Boost your organic traffic with CUE Live's automatic SEO optimization.

More than a team, icon
Team effort

Several reporters can contribute with real-time content to the same live blog.

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Social media integration

Monitor social media and publish posts from trusted accounts to your blog automatically.

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CUE Live is ‘born mobile’ with browser-based and touch screen-optimized user interfaces.

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Content re-use

Take full advantage of your valuable assets that are already in CUE by drag-dropping stories, images, videos into the live blog.

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