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The CUE Publishing Platform offers a fully integrated print and digital CMS. CUE’s story-first approach to content creation enables your editorial staff to work seamlessly across channels, whether they are digital or print.

All content creation starts in the browser-based CUE story editor, which is directly connected to the distribution channels of your choice, including print. So, when creating a story in CUE's media-neutral environment, stories can automatically be adapted to print and placed on the designated pages.

Laptop, CUE story editor, print preview

A print preview is shown on the right side of CUE's story editor.

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Efficient print production

CUE’s integrated print CMS – CUE Print – ensures efficient and hassle-free newspaper and magazine production via its two-way connection with CUE Content Store.

Based on the CUE story anatomy – where content is created as individual story elements which can be assembled to form a storyline – CUE Print ensures that stories are automatically adapted to a print format, fitted, and placed on the designated pages in the publication.

CUE storylines: web, Facebook, print
CUE Print screenshot

Smart workflow tools

Purpose-built tools for design, flat planning, proofing, production, and collaboration make CUE’s integrated print CMS second to none.

In addition to the benefits these tools bring, CUE Print offers freedom of choice when it comes to design. Enjoy the efficiency of built-in design tools and a rich library of flexible templates while allowing your designers to continue working with the tools they are used to.

CUE FreeDesign, InDesign integration

InDesign integration for magazines

The CUE solution for magazines features an additional integration with Adobe InDesign. Via a simple plug-in, all content elements in an InDesign-based layout can be accessible and searchable from anywhere in the CUE system.

Adobe InDesign can be used alongside CUE's built-in design tools, even within the same project.

Multichannel publishing

Watch how multichannel publishing to digital and print channels works in CUE.

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