Børsen chooses CUE as overall content creation and distribution platform

November 29, 2017 – 2 min. read

Børsen front page
One of Denmark’s leading financial news media will replace all its editorial systems with one flexible platform.

In today’s media landscape, news media need to have a strong presence on print, digital, and social media channels. As a consequence, Børsen has now chosen to gather all content creation and distribution on one platform: Stibo DX’s multi-channel publishing platform, CUE. The systems that will be replaced are a Newscycle system, a Visiolink e-paper system and a homegrown CMS.

“CUE will be a critical component on Børsen’s digital journey. We look forward to working more mobile and channel independently as well as being agile enough to adapt to a fast-moving media landscape,” says Ann Fogelgren-Pedersen, CIO at Børsen.

One browser-based platform for all channels

User surveys from existing Stibo DX customers such as New York Times, USA Today, and Trinity Mirror show that journalists and editors use 20-30 editorial and planning tools in the production of content for print and digital channels.

Switching between these many tools can be time-consuming. CUE will ease the workflow at Børsen by enabling the editorial staff to use the same platform for production of all content as well as distribution to all channels. Furthermore, CUE will function as an overall content hub, allowing Børsen’s different news desks to easily find, use, and reuse each content from each other.

Børsen’s vision for CUE is to have a flexible platform with an intuitive user interface that is built on state-of-the-art technology. The fact that CUE is a headless content management system allows Børsen to integrate current and future tools into the platform. This eliminates the process of going back and forth between different tools and user interfaces. It also enables Børsen to further develop the system on its own, ensuring the needed adaptability to today’s constantly changing media landscape.

Developed by media for media

Stibo DX, the company behind CUE, have developed the content creation platform in close collaboration with leading media corporations. Together with Axel Springer, McClatchy, Yle, JP/Politikens Hus and more, Stibo DX has built CUE on concrete insights into the current and future needs of news media.

The publications that will be produced and published from CUE are the daily newspaper Børsen and the magazines Penge og Privatøkonomi and Dagens Medicin.