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Graphic Open and Scaleable platform
CUE is a scalable and extensible publishing platform that allows you to easily add and integrate new channels, products, newsrooms, and tools.

In an ever-changing media landscape with new channels and tools constantly emerging, news publishers need a flexible technology stack. CUE Publishing Platform is a multichannel, headless CMS that empowers media companies to stay agile and constantly optimize their content business.

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Forget about fixed platforms and monolithic systems. Think freedom, flexibility, and extensibility instead. CUE’s unlimited scalability allows you to quickly launch new products and add new channels. And as your business evolves, new tools and systems can easily be integrated to support further growth.​

This allows you to experiment with new channels and media forms, quickly and cost-effectively. Watch this video to see how the Finnish national broadcasting company, Yle, benefits from CUE's extensibility.

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