The Hindu goes digital-first with CUE at the center

November 26, 2020 – 4 min. read

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One of the largest news companies in India has decided to implement the CUE publishing platform and digital asset management system as an important step in The Hindu’s digital transformation. The platform will optimize news production and the usage of content across all types of channels and social media.

"We are very excited to have chosen CUE as a central part of our transformation towards a digital-first future," says Suresh Vijayaraghavan, CTO at The Hindu, one of the largest news companies in India.

Strategy: a media-neutral production

"CUE will support the transformation of our workflows towards being media-neutral. In the future, we will be able to effortlessly use precisely the types of content best suited to make each news story most compelling and relevant. Video, text, photos, or graphics – it does not matter. The story comes first,” Suresh Vijayaraghavan explains.

When implemented, CUE will support the entire process of creating and publishing across several news sites totaling approximately 120 million page views per month. Furthermore, CUE DAM will be central to the administration of more than 250 million media assets.

CUE will enable The Hindu to better monetize content

CUE is the multichannel and headless CMS that sets new standards for digital storytelling. Designed to deliver maximum creative freedom, CUE is already helping publishers around the world create compelling content and connect with new audiences.

CUE will allow The Hindu to use, connect, and efficiently manage content across all relevant channels and outlets much more efficiently. It will also help them present their quality journalism in an even more engaging and appealing way.

“Keeping our users at the center of our universe”

"CUE lives up to all our requirements. This upgrade is in continuation with our long-term relationship with Stibo DX and we believe this will help achieve our goals in our digital transformation journey while, as always, keeping our users at the center of our universe," Mr. Vijayaraghavan says.

Stibo DX’s Customer Success Manager, Mikael Christensen, who has been working closely with The Hindu for many years, says: “We are very happy to continue our long relationship with The Hindu, and we look forward to supporting them continuously in their ambitious digital transformation process.”