Svenskt Näringsliv powers up with CUE

January 05, 2021 – 4 min. read

The new enterprise CMS makes it possible for Svenskt Näringsliv – internationally known as The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – to efficiently produce and present compelling content.

Svenskt Näringsliv represents 60.000 companies and 50 industry and employer organizations in Sweden. Naturally, the confederation is an influential factor in Swedish public debate.

”We produce articles, reports, and concrete proposals on how to improve the business climate aimed towards members, media, politicians, and decision-makers,” explains Mattias Lindgren, Web Strategist and Product Owner at Svenskt Näringsliv.

”Our website is one of our primary channels of communication. Therefore, it is essential to us that it is easy to optimize the presentation of articles and reports,” Mattias Lindgren adds.

Goal: Optimizing the presentation of content

Realizing the increasing importance of the website, a graphical and functional overhaul of Svenskt Näringsliv’s website,, was due. Svenskt Näringsliv wanted to base its website on a modern headless CMS that is easier to use and present different content types much more efficiently and professionally.

”We researched the Content Management System market and concluded that, for several reasons, CUE from Stibo DX would be the best fit for us. Perhaps most importantly, neither admins nor users would need to relearn everything from scratch, as we were already familiar with Stibo DX's previous system, Escenic. Secondly, the new storyline concept makes it very straightforward to optimize the presentation of each story and combine text, graphics, photos, and video seamlessly,” says Mattias Lindgren.

CUE thrives in any cloud

For years, Svenskt Näringsliv has worked together with a local hosting provider in Stockholm who hosted their former system. But now, the organization has decided to run CUE from the cloud on Microsoft Azure where the organization already has several other solutions and infrastructure-elements.

”Amazon Web Services are more common, but we wanted to run CUE in Azure. In the end, it was not a big deal to implement. CUE seems to be pretty flexible, and it runs just fine from Azure,” explains Mattias Lindgren.

Much easier to create and edit stories with CUE

As editor at Svenskt Näringsliv, Kristina Björkander has first-hand experience with using CUE. She explains that the ease of use is among the most substantial properties of the platform.

”Today, it is so much easier and more logical to create and edit articles. Before, I often had problems with Java-updates and log-in, especially when working at home. But now, during the pandemic where I have been working from home all the time, I never have issues like that,” Kristina Björkander explains.

Furthermore, CUE has impacted how it is possible to present stories by making it easier to combine photos, slides, and quotes.

”My experience is that CUE has a more efficient way of presenting content. I find it more easily accessible. Likewise, it is easier to highlight important parts, and I find it more modern and airy in its design,” she adds.

Finally, the learning curve has been smooth and comfortable. Both Mattias Lindgren and Kristina Björkander say that CUE has lived up to their expectations and that it has only required a modest amount of education and training.

”It has been easy all the way, I must say. I love that you can do the obvious – drag a content item to a different browser tab – done! And, all in all, I think the main advantage of working with CUE is simplicity. Also, there are no more technical issues thanks to the browser-based solution. It saves a lot of time when you don't have to grabble with time-consuming systems and frustrations all the time,” Kristina Björkander concludes.